revise rags to riches
Ahlea Aguilar

It was August 20th and that meant the first day back at Bromwell Elementary school and Lots of kid so astounded that school has came back so soon. Many kids knew each other from years of being in this school together. Then a new girl name Taylor arrives at the school. Taylor was ordinarily from Texas but the because of weather her mother and father decided to go to a cooler place she they decided Colorado. Clueless about this town and how people live, she stills went to school that morning it opened.
Taylor went to her class and went outside to put her coat away. Then as she walked in her class room, she notice lot’s of her classmates staring at her very bluntly toward her. Then she sat down in her seat. A random youngster came up to her and asked.
“Hey kid, where are you from?” the child asked.
“I’m from Texas,” Taylor answered softly.
The kid stepped back a little and went back to his friend’s and stood the staring at her. Taylor was uncertain of what was going on with the other kids so she just continued to getting all her stuff out of her backpack to get ready for the teacher.
It was lunch time and instead of getting the hot lunch, her mother makes her lunch from home. But she was going to a lunch table she notice some weird looks at the table and then she tried to sit at a table but the other children sat about a set back, getting away from her.
“Hey freak, sit somewhere else,” one of the children said unkindly.
"Sit at another seat why don't yah," another child added.
Taylor was surprised then with a depressed look on her face she walks away and ate at an open table with no one there and had a very depressing lunch.
It was recesses and she didn't find anyone to play and just sat on a swing. In her head she was thinking about how to get people to notice her as a normal person, and get the attention she needed. So she jumped a little of the set and walked around the playground, looked around on what people wear, how they wear there hair and what they really like to talk about. At the end of the day she was outside, waiting for her mom to pick her up. As her mom arrived Taylor ran hasty towards her mom’s car and jumped inside. Taylor got in and asked her "Mom can I get new cloths like those girl over," as Taylor pointed to the girl across them.
"Well okay how about this weekend we go cloth's shopping and we can pick out the cloths you want," Taylor's mom replied.
"Yay!" Taylor cheered.
Then Taylor and her mom drove home and when they did Taylor decided to stay outside with her regular ball and practice her volleyball skills for her gym class. Taylor’s mom called, “Honey its time for dinner."
"Okay mommy," Taylor answered back and hed on and went inside.
Three day's past and it was finally Saturday morning, and Taylor was so exited to go shopping. Taylor woke her mom up and head out shopping. Taylor had a successes looked on her face because she knew she was in succeed of picking out the cloth's she needed for school.
It was Monday morning, Taylor was at the back of the school and hoped that all this work will pay off.
"Bye mommy," Taylor yelled.
"Bye sweetie, have a good day at school," Taylor mom said and waved to her goodbye.
Taylor looked at her outfit, then walked straight forward toward the doors and she notice right away people giving her positive looks. Taylor knew already that her changed was working and was happy on the day because now some her classmate’s gave lots of approval comments about her outfit.
“Hey nice outfit Taylor,” a kid commented.
“Yeah where did you get it?” another child asked.
Then she had at least 3 to 5 people started talking to her.
The weeks went by and more and more people started to make conversations with her. While she is at school make new friends. This week has been so great that a few people wanted to come over and help her out with volleyball.
But of all the time to get the good complements and not having a bad reputation at school, she didn’t realize that all this attention will change. One day she was outside by a couple people, taking about a new movie coming out, when there was this bully kid who came towards her and said.
“Hey little miss popular, Why don’t you do me and my crew a favor and get out of this school, you do not belong here,” the kid said all cool and tough like.
Taylor stood up “Well you know what, I’m not going anywhere,” Taylor said with an attitude.
“Oh my goodness I hate your type. You think you know all, think of your self better, being all snotty and being such a big mud stain on a white shirt with your, ‘Omg girl this guy in our class is so hot and he has cool hair’ and all this…..” Before the kid finish his saying, Taylor got so crazed in the head that she let it all out by catching the kid off grad and punches him right directly in the face and made him fell to the ground with a nose bleed. Many of her classmate’s all gasped and stared at her shockingly.
“Oh oh” Taylor said quietly
The teacher showed up and saw the boy down with his nose bleeding.
“Who did this?” the teacher screeched
All the kid’s looked motionless and then Taylor stepped up to the teacher “I did,” Taylor said quietly.
Then an in instant, she grabbed Taylor by the arm and then grabbed the knocked out kid named Robert by the wrist and dragged then toward the nurse’s office and for Taylor the teacher dropped her off the principle brown’s office and told him what happen. The principle called her mom and then continued.
Look Mr. pleases in will do anything to make this up. Can I at least make an apology letter and read it towards him and the other classmate’s.
Principle brown sighs and responds, “Okay we can do that but with that you will serve two detentions.”
“Oh no problem as long I get a chance to apologize to him and the class,” Taylor reasoned.
“Okay, we will do it on an assembly day,” principle brown said.
He looks up in the computer to find an assembly day. A few moments later turned around “okay there going to be an assembly around the November of the 5th. That is a week from now, you better make it worth it my time,” principal brown said with a serious look.
“Yes sir it will be worth it,” Taylor said with determination
The past week has been brutal, everyone knew about the incident yesterday and now were scared of her and when ever she get close to them they run off to there classes in a flash. Then the day finally came and it was time for Taylor to get her respect back.
The first part of the assembly was about the awards, attendance and the schools progress. Then the time came for Taylor’s speech. The principal held on the microphone and called out her name. “Taylor Boyer, please step down,” principal brown said firmly. Taylor stepped down to the middle of the gym area. Taylor holds up her apology letter and started to read it to the microphone.
“Dear Robert, the kid I punched, I am deeply sorry that I punch you. It was a stupid mistake and I didn’t mean any harm. It was very stupid of me to punch something over something foolish. But I’m not a hateful person, when all of you people gave me the positive attention, I was so happy. Now I’m the person everyone hates and I really don’t want that because I’m not the person you saw a week ago. So I ask you Robert and all of my classmates to please to forgive me. Thank you for your attention,” Taylor read with guilt.
That was the ending of the assembly and every student left the building.
The next day came and Taylor still dressing stylish came to school with an unhappy face. She walked around the hallways until one person came up to her and told her,
“That was very brave of you to stand out to the crowed yesterday,” said the mysterious girl.
“Oh thank you,” Taylor thanked.
“I’m ginger by the way. Um do you wanna talk before class you seem interesting,” ginger asked politely.
Taylor hesitated for a moment then the said with a smile “sure I will be delighted.”
So in the end, Taylor didn’t make all the friend’s as before but she still makes friends slowly and with her friend’s she still practice her volleyball skills. Then she knew she will get through the rest of the 8 months.